dead fashion trends getting a revival this season

Fashion trends come and go, and often old, outdated trends return to the catwalks in a modernised form. Some of the most popular revivals this season involve crop tops, plaid flannel, boot-cut jeans, and overalls.

The crop top

The crop top of the 90s has been resurrected on catwalks around the world. Brands like Balenciaga and Miu Miu recently featured crop tops and bared midriffs in thin strips that reveal only the rib cage.


Plaid flannel

Plaid flannel was featured in Saint Laurent’s Fall 2013 show, and the design is set to make a strong comeback in the fashion world. As an indicator of how to wear plaid flannel, Saint Laurent matched shredded black nylons and oversized cardigans with plaid flannel.

Bootcut jeans

After many years of the skinny jean dominating in denim, bootcut jeans have made a strong return to the fashion world. Brands such as Hudson, Paige, and Burberry feature them in their latest collections.


A surprising trend is overalls, with Stella McCartney, Philip Lim, and Isabel Marant featuring this item in their collections. Celebrities such as Alexa Chung have been photographed wearing overalls.