five fashion fails that turned to fashion fads

Everyone can remember a moment where they spotted something they thought was hideous only to see it suddenly popping up in all the fashion magazines. The item you thought was a faux pas is suddenly a huge trend. So how does a fashion fail end up a fashion fad?

The Sydney Morning Herald took a look at five of the craziest trends to hit wardrobes in recent times:


Once just for babies, the “onesie” suddenly became big news after three guys from Norway thought it would be a good idea to sew a hoodie together with a pair of trousers. All of a sudden, 2% of the country’s population embraced the trend, which then crept into the rest of the world.

The man skirt

In 1985, Jean Paul Gaultier sent his male models down the runway wearing skirts, but it wasn’t until rapper Kanye West donned a leather skirt during a concert last year that the style really took off.

Crop tops

Crop tops has been a trend not once, but twice now as the current generation revamps the early 90s trend.

Geek glasses

Even those with perfect vision have been seen wearing big, black rimmed glasses since stars such as Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake embraced the trend.

The mullet dress

High cut at the front and long at the back, the “mullet dress” has been worn by just about every girl at every formal in recent years.