1,2,3 braid


Stylist Mia from Esther HQ shows us step by step how to create a gorgeous braided up-do.  Perfect for evening looks & events.


Mia has styled a simple two split braid twisted into a bun with added flowers to create a wedding wear feel. First off, brush the hair - it's really important your fingers can glide through and pick up pieces of hair easily. To start, grab a small area of hair at the front and split it into three.  Start off the way you would for a plait, picking up small pieces of hair as you move down. Thread in flowers whilst you plait the hair to add that touch of elegance for a wedding or event. Plait to the bottom of the hair, repeat on other side. Twist both plaits together and wrap them around as a bun, use bobby pins to secure. Pull some hair out at the front, back & sides to get that messy boho feel. And there you have it, an easy up-do in 15 minutes that looks incredible. 


esther babes x