A wedding vibe for every bride

Gals, wedding season is upon us, and we understand it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to planning such an important day. That’s why we have pulled together some of our FAVE wedding themes that every bride should consider when it comes to organising the most special day of their life (no pressure). It's time to get your mood boards out and use these concepts to plan the wedding of your dreams! 

Say I do to…. 

1. A Romantic Wedding

If you envision a wedding full of fairytale like decorations, this theme is perfect for your special day. 

Think: soft hues, love heart decorations and an abundance of florals. It would also be a great idea to include a flower wall and fairy lights for an extra touch of romance! 

2. A Vintage Wedding

    If you love to draw inspo from decades past, a vintage style wedding exudes timeless class. 

    Think: antique looking decor such as cushioned seats and a traditional venue. To add an extra touch to the vintage vibe, organise an old-school Porsche or Mercedes as your getaway car.

    3. A Bohemian Wedding

    Calling all #bohobrides - bohemian style weddings are trending right now and provide an effortless-chic option for your special day. 

    Think: oriental rugs, decorative pillows and of course, pampas grass and dried fan leaves. 

    4. A Rustic Wedding

    Another trending option, a barnyard style wedding is a great choice for the modern bride. Most venues have rustic potential, just add wooden accents and a touch of greenery and it's good to go! 

    Think: string lights, mason jars, twine and lace. If you are a DIY fan don't be scared to add a personal touch with your own flare. 


    5. An Alternative Wedding

    If you've never been one to take the conventional route, an alternative wedding is the way to go. This would include an offbeat wedding look with a cool moody colour palette. Here, you could also be extra alternative by breaking the conventional white wedding dress rule and choose a silhouette that will give your guests (and your hubby-to-be) a nice surprise on the day.

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