Celebrities and their cute pets!!

Celebrities & their pets, we're loving seeing the who's who with their main accessory! Cute pooches & kittens are the latest.
Big ones, small ones, and everything in between!!
keep scrolling to see which celebs have the cutest pups...

Foxy & owner Shay Mitchell the Pretty Little Liars star are snuggled up in bed on a Sunday, this is possibly the cutest thing we've ever seen!!! 

Norman & aunt Kendall Jenner share cuddles for a selfie! When she's not on the runway she's striking a pose with her sisters italian greyhound, oh what a life.. 

Toulouse & new mum Ariana Grande love a quick stroll through the neighbourhood. After being adopted, Toulouse is loving the attention and already knows how to work the camera!! 

Frankie & hot mumma Miranda Kerr are the perfect duo! He's adorable and she's.. well, she's Miranda Kerr!! 

Mr Butler & Olivia Palermo, our absolute favourites! I mean look at her outfit and his smile, they'd make anyones day.

Pippa looks ecstatic with owner's Chrissy Teigen & John Legend. They couldn't be cooler parents if they tried, apparently they have a whole family of dogs (so fun). 

Milky is one of the many who's owner Miley Cyrus adores! Pets are extremely important to Miley, she mostly rescues them from a local shelter.. and we can see why!!