Things to do This Long Weekend

There’s nothing better than a long weekend to relax, rejuvenate and get away from work. Are you struggling to think of things to do? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with some ideas to fill up your Labour Day long weekend this October!  


1. Road Trip!

 Is there a better time for a road trip than a long weekend? If you're a NSW gal, Port Stephens is the perfect destination for a road trip with family or friends. Only 3 hours north of Sydney, it offers something for everyone.  Experience the unique activities Port Stephens has to offer, from horse riding on the beach to quad biking on sand dunes. Be sure to check it out, and of course, enjoy the delicious food!
2. Food?!
Did someone say food? There is nothing better than an 11:00am sleep-in, followed by some smashed avo. Be sure to hit your local cafe and be fulfil all of your brekky dreams.
3. Coastal Walk 

Feeling guilty about the food belly that has suddenly appeared? A long weekend is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. If you're a fellow Sydney-Sider, the Bondi to Bronte walk will cure your food coma in a matter of seconds. This iconic route allows you to get in some exercise whilst enjoying the gorgeous panoramic views of cliffs and the ocean. Be sure to wear your cutest activewear and you might even get some insta-worthy snaps while 'exercising.'

Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk


For a romantic long weekend getaway of wining and dining, a winery tour is a must! Spend the break relaxing and enjoying the fine selection of wines, chocolate and cheese. Of course, for you single ladies out there, this is the perfect opportunity for a girls weekend away. #winenot

 Hunter Valley

5. Picnic

Is there anything better than a day of lazing around in the sun whilst eating food? The answer is NO! Take advantage of the warmer weather and head out for a picnic with your nearest and dearest. You wont regret it!

6. Netflix & Chill

If all these suggestions are just not satisfying your relaxation goals for the weekend, there is no amount of stress that a Romcom Marathon can't fix. Thank me later x


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