Body Love: Robyn Lawley

Curvy models are now definitely part of the fashion industry and without a doubt a warm welcome of happiness to those who have always fought against thinness at all costs! With the average Australian woman now being a size 12 we thought it was time to focus and help celebrate the curves of the fashion world, and be proud! 

Robyn Lawley is best known for her cover of Vogue Italia's June 2011 issue and the first Plus-size model to be shot for Australian Vogue. However she is much more than that - striving to be an ambassador for curvy women world wide!

"Meet the Aussie model who made peace with her body and hit the big time" - Madison Magazine

"Taking on the fashion world and blazing a trail for curvy women" Look magazine

Constantly scrutinised for being "plus size" Robyn simply refers to herself as "real size." Being a very down to earth woman she feels strongly that you can achieve all the things in life without having to compromise your honesty, kindness, loyalty, objectivity, acceptance, openness, empathy, graciousness and above all - your BODY! Robyn maintains a fabulous food blog for the real women of the world - RobynLawleyEats

Remember - true beauty comes from within xx