Meet Kaily!

Meet Kaily, the face of Esther.  
She is sweet, real, intelligent, hilarious, obviously stunning, silly and an open book.
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Kaily wears our Martine Off Shoulder Top with ruffle sleeves & Noah Ripped
Jeans, she adds her own suede shoes to complete the look.
Kaily's weekend look is quite neutral. With ruffle detailing and blush heels, she
creates an effortless feminine statement look in our Zoe Off The Shoulder Dress.
      Our cute Abbie Knit Romper in wine is so comfy and perfect with a pair of
sandals, this is Kaily's choice for a casual weekend outing. She adds shades for
an indie finish. 
Lastly, Kaily wears a loose beach maxi with a pair of birks and throws on a denim
jacket. She doesn't want to give up her dresses this winter so she mixes them with
leather & denim jackets to suit the new season.

Q&A with Kaily

  What women are you inspired by?  

This is a big question. Inspirational women are everywhere. Aside from the obvious
who, are legendary there's also the people in our everyday lives who continue to
push us when we pull back, to lift us when we're down and to help us see in
ourselves what we sometimes don't allow ourselves to see. I know for me, the
inspirational women in my life are my strength and the reason I continue to do what I
do, from my mums never-ending belief in me, to my very close group of friends
whom I consider family who constantly share their support, compassion, wisdom
and faith with me and who are always there for me.. For me, these women and their
kind, loving hearts are so powerful, which is why they're my inspiration.
Who is your celebrity boy crush?
 Zac Efron and Channing Tatum.
What is your typical workout regimine?
 I try to mix it up otherwise I get bored and see working out as more of a chore and
then I become lazy. I really enjoy dancing, so I try to take a dance class whenever I
can, I also go to the gym and do a weights session one day and then a cardio
session the next, i find HIIT workouts to be super effective aswell. Naturally I'm
human and fall off the wagon sometimes, when this happens I try to remain kind to
myself and ease back into it, I find, for myself the best way to do this is to get a
couple of PT sessions or a workout buddy, someone who can push you to get you
back on track.
What is your dream holiday?
 I'm a huge ancient history buff so Rome and Pompeii are on my to-do list. 
What is your most embarrassing moment?
 Everything embarrassing happens to me. They're never major but they're awkward.
Most recently I tried asking a guy out to lunch, I was so nervous that in my approach
I stumbled over a tree root then to make things worse I completely choked on my
words, stumbled, rambled, stopped mid-sentence and could not for the life of me
pull it off. I walked away from that one feeling pretty bad about myself.. But youlearn to laugh it off.. 
What is your favourite....
Food: My mums Apricot chicken is pretty awesome! 
Activity: I don't know if I have a #1, I love dancing with my friends, that's always
fun or chilling out with a good book
Song: It really depends what mood I'm in. A lot of Drakes new album at the
moment actually.
Childhood memory: Weekends with my brother and cousins at my grandparents
house. Simple but priceless. My grandpas lollie jar and the milkshake on arrival :)
 Quote: You can fail at what you don't want so you may aswell take a chance on
doing what you love - Jim Carrey :)
Movie: I have a top 5. My Best Friends Wedding, Bird On A Wire, Overboard, Roman
Holiday and The First Wives club.
Fave cocktail?
Margarita's are always good however my good friend Mia introduced me
to Giggly Roses and I've never looked back. 
Beyond  modelling you're also an aspiring actress --tell us a bit about it...
  I've wanted to act for as long as I can remember, I've been dancing since I was 5
and started taking drama lessons when I was 10. My best friend and I wrote a book
on how our acting careers were going to pan out which sadly, was never published
(we were 11 and wrote it within an hour on a sugar high). I was always told that
acting wasn't possible for me and that I needed to choose a real career, go to university,
that kind of thing, but I never wanted too. So after a couple of years of
unsuccessfully trying to figure out what other pathway to choose, realising it was
still very much all I wanted to do I decided to really give it a try so I took a couple of
jobs, saved up enough money to pay for an acting course and moved myself up to
Sydney. From there, it's been a tough industry to break into, which I was already
aware of so I knew what to expect. I was fortunate enough to secure an agent and a
few good auditions but there's still a lot of work to be done from voice lessons to
getting my name out there to staying up to date with acting classes and exercising
my craft. It's something that I really love and I feel so incredibly lucky to be where I
Do you prefer FB, Twitter or Instagram?
What is your Guiltiest pleasure? 
Geordie Shore & Malteasers. 
What is your biggest fear? 
 Not really a fear but I strongly dislike mice, rats & cockroaches. 
Describe your style:
I'm usually super casual, I like to be comfortable. My essentials consist of ripped
jeans, black ankle boots & over-sized tees. Then I accessorise. 
 It's Friyay ladies, let's go shopping and