5 Reasons why you NEED to throw your own Mexican Fiesta

GIRLS, dust off your sombreros and circle May 5th in your calendar because we’re having a Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

Cinco de Mayo marks the victory of the Mexican army over the French on May 5, 1862 and is now an annual celebration of Mexican culture. It’s the perfect excuse to get your friends together and indulge in all things Mexico! Get on your salsa dancing shoes because we’re giving you five reasons to have a Mexican fiesta this Cinco de Mayo!

1. The food

There’s a reason why being called a hot tamale is a compliment, Mexican food is hot and delicious. Who can say no to tacos, enchiladas, empanadas, fajitas, tostadas, guacamole and salsa washed down with an icy cold margarita? Not me! This brings us to our next reason...

2. The drinks

They sure know how to have a good time in Mexico. Not only do they cook up a storm in the kitchen, they’re also responsible for some of our all-time favourite party drinks. You know you’re in for a good night when margaritas are on the agenda. Be the favourite at the party by whipping up these fruity margaritas or spice up your tequila with this simple Paloma recipe!

3. The outfit

Dust off your sombreros and throw on some bright colours. When we think Mexican we think all things frills, bright and that's right, COLOURED. Today is not the day to keep it neutral but to let your inner latina shine through. You can even coordinate with your friends and get a sneaky pic for the gram out of it too! Not sure what to wear? Check out our Party Edit for some style inspo


4. The decorations

Have we talked about the best part of any party? That's right, the decorations! If you’ve ever been to Mexico, again you’ll know that the Mexican culture is all about the colour. Go all out with your decorations and put up a piñata, because everyone goes loco for a piñata.

5. The music 

Mexico has a vibrant culture and is home to fabulous music and dance. Salsa the night away to a live Mariachi band. If you’re like us and can’t afford a live band, Spotify has put together a Cinco de Mayo playlist which has got us in the mood for a fiesta! 

6. Any excuse to PARTY

You know what they say: No siesta for the wicked. Mexicans sure know how to deliver crowd pleasers whether its tacos, tequila or good times so today is the perfect excuse to grab your friends and fiesta like there’s no Mañana!