a guide to wearing high heels

High heels can lengthen the silhouette and complete a perfect outfit, but foot pain is all too common in high-heel wearers. Minimising heel pain is about choosing the right heels and making sure they fit the wearer’s foot.

Shopping for heels later in the day can ensure that you have a better fitting. Feet tend to swell early in the morning, making the morning hours a poor time for shoe fittings.


According to the Director of the Non-Surgical Foot And Ankle Service Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, Dr Rock Positano, heels that are three inches or higher should not be worn for long periods of time. Instead, the wearer should opt for one- to two-inch heels. When wearing tall heels, avoid walking too much.

Regular and accurate foot measurement can make for a more comfortable heel experience, said Dr Positano. Foot sizes can change over time, especially for those who have recently had a baby. Finally, Dr Positano advised considering alternatives such as wedges as these are much more comfortable and provide the foot with more support.

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