how to look hot in leather pants

Leather pants can be the basis for a stylish and sexy winter outfit, but they often require more styling than other items in the closet. While leather has been traditionally associated with bikie gangs rather than couture, of late the material has been regularly featured by the world’s top designers.

Subtle and low-key is a good way to style any outfit featuring leather pants, and wearers can experiment with the skinny-cropped pants or the new tailored sweatpants like those created by Alexander Wang.


These leather sweatpants are a comfortable yet classy take on the traditional leather pant, with fluid fabric on the back and leather panels at the front. Skinny leather pants or leggings are probably more widely worn at the moment.

Leather pants can be dressed up with a stylish blouse, a well-cut blazer, and ankle boots or heels. A low-key upper half that is free flowing, and demure accessories are often good complements to leather pants.