the benefits of a structured day dress

On days when you feel like slipping on something easy, you can often be fooled into thinking that easy means stretchy, light fabric that hangs naturally over your body.

According to fashion expert Jess Cartner-Morley, what you should be looking for is a structured day dress that will see you through even the longest of days.


The benefit of a structured dress is that it does the hard work for you. By itself, your dress brings poise, allowing you to relax. When you wear a casual dress to the office, you need to focus more attention on accessories and posture to pull off a presentable look.

There is a huge number of structured day dress styles out there, one to suit each day and mood. Structured doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable and tight, and a 1960s style dress can allow you to show off your great legs while not bringing too much emphasis to your waist.

A structured dress in a bright colour, like lemon yellow, is perfect for wearing during the day for a fun look.