the hologram trend is back

One trend that has continually popped up on runways in recent times is hologram clothing, revealing the crazy trend is making a comeback.

Following the same basic principles as it did in its 90s heyday but with more finesse (think Stella McCartney instead of Lisa Frank), the opalescent trend can be a welcome addition to your wardrobe providing you follow a few basic rules.


Number one rule is to not overdo it. You want your holographic clothing to add a little shimmer to your outfit, not turn you into a disco ball. Keep it simple, wearing just one holographic item at a time and teaming it with “safe” clothing.

For those who aren’t quite ready to re-embrace the trend, hologram fashion is not just restricted to clothing, with hologram effect nail polish, clutches and iPad cases available. Choosing to accessorise with touches of this trend is an easy way to get this look right.