develop your own personal style in three easy steps

Your style can say a lot about who you are as a person, your mood or where you desire to be. It’s little wonder that so much time and thought goes into the process of choosing an outfit. Some have a signature style they wish to maintain, while others like to mix it up and and be seen in something different everyday.

According to Vogue, developing your own sense of style can be easy when you follow a few simple tips:


1. Do your research

Fashion trends come and go, with some being more memorable than others. Just because a trend is not in its prime doesn’t mean you can’t revamp it yourself. Looking through old magazines, movies, on TV and on the internet can reveal something that strikes your interest.

2. Take notes

Start a Pinterest board or cut out pictures of outfits you like and create a mood board.

3. Determine your overall style

Instead of saying “I only like to wear pencil skirts”, try saying “I like to look feminine, but structured.” This then opens you up to a lot more outfits that still sit with your trademark look.