an insider’s guide to the fashion industry

Whether you are a budding fashionista, a wannabe designer, an aspiring journalist or a seasoned blogger, if you want to know anything about fashion then the Fashion Designer’s Resource Book is an absolute must read.

Breaking down the basics of the industry, author Samata Angel has cleverly included a comprehensive overview of everything you’ll ever need to know in regards to what’s hot.


Angel shared some of her secrets:

The number one thing to take away from the book is that creative genius is just a small fraction of becoming a success in the fashion industry. In order to truly make it big, it’s important for designers to have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of the business, including finance and marketing both yourself and your brand.

Overnight success unfortunately rarely exists. The key to success is trial and error, combined with a large dosage of hard work. It took Vivienne Westwood years to get the fundamentals right, said Angel.

She believes that in order to make a career in fashion, you need to have bundles of energy and be prepared to take note of everything that is happening in the industry from all over the world. The industry literally never sleeps.

One of the 29-year-old’s best tips for rejuvenating creativity is to make time to visit places that inspire. Angel personally loves browsing around London’s Brick Lane.