there’s a science to feeling sexy in red

A recent study has demonstrated a strong link between women’s fertility cycles and choosing to wear red. The study, which was presented at the Association for Psychological Science conference, revealed that more women tended to wear red at the peak stage of their fertility cycle.

Clare Hetzel, a psycho-sexologist at Psychology Melbourne, said that red represents sexual readiness in women. Wearing red is about drawing attention, whether the wearer does so consciously or unconsciously.


Hetzel said that the hormones released at the peak fertility stage of a woman’s cycle make the woman more inclined to wear “attention-grabbing” clothing.

There may be a strong basis for the inclination to wear red, as red can convey that a woman is receptive and open to romantic advances. Other studies have shown that men tend be more attracted to women wearing red as they believe there is a lesser likelihood of rejection. Studies show that hot pink has a similar effect.

These studies demonstrate that biology can play a role in fashion choices, whether  the choices are conscious or unconscious.