how to work the half-formal, half-informal look this season

Half-formal, half-informal has been an accepted style for some time now, but has generally been associated with a dressed-up top and dressed-down bottom. One key look to this style is the tux jacket with a pair of jeans, which lends a touch of rock and roll to a casual outfit.

However, this year the equation has been turned upside down and it’s much more modern to wear a dressed-down top with a dressed-up bottom.


Here’s how to work this trend:

This winter a common look was wearing a pencil skirt with a sweatshirt, a trend that surprisingly worked. This summer, will be all about the statement skirt combined with a T-shirt.

The trick is to keep your T-shirt plain, in a grey, white or black, and look for a skirt that is the furthest away from the casual top.

A pencil skirt with a T-shirt is another great way to keep the mood casual with a skirt that can often look to “officey” if teamed with a blouse.