fur making a comeback, but is it wanted?

Despite the controversy that surrounds it, 70% of fashion designers still used animal fur in their autumn/winter 2013 collections, reported The Guardian.

Having slowed down for a number of years thanks to PETA’s anti-fur campaigns that featured stars such as Naomi Campbell and Eva Mendes, fur is making a big comeback. UK Vogue  documented the change in the fashion world’s attitudes to fur in its recent edition. While the magazine does not feature real fur in its pages, it admitted that some staff are re-embracing the trend. Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of US Vogue magazine is often seen wearing fur.


The notion that fur is back has confused some, considering a recent RSPCA poll suggested that 95% of British women would refuse to wear fur and many high street stores refuse to stock it. Designer Stella McCartney has spoken openly about her distaste for animal fur.



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