Emma Isaacs - our inspirational women of the month!

At 35, Emma Isaacs has achieved more than most twice her age. She’s the CEO of Australia’s largest community for women, Business Chicks; has spent one on one time with Bill Gates; is a serial property investor, has raised over $10 million for charity, and is mother to four children aged six and under.
Need we say more?
Its clear why Emma Isaacs is our next inspirational women of the month! She's bold, kind, loving and driven to help other women reach their goals and dreams!
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Business Chicks was created to bring like-minded souls together – to give us a chance to swap ideas, share stories, and spark inspiration. We’re a tribe of explorers and a band of big thinkers. And we believe that together, we can shine even more brightly than we do as individuals. 


 Like every business, Emma would not be where she is today without her fabulous team!

Look at them, their faces express exactly what their caption says; 'To us, this pic symbolises what Business Chicks is all about... Positive, smart, strong, caring women lifting each other up and working together to imagine a better future.'


9 To Thrive is not your average, yawn-inducing expo. There’s no PowerPoint presentations, no dull lecture theatres and definitely no instant coffee. It’s a two-day gathering of Australia’s leading brands, coolest activations and world-class speakers – oh, and 3,000 women to share it all with.

- Business Chicks


This year our CEO Talita attended 9 To Thrive alongside some of her team, running into Emma Isaacs for a quick snap before Emma hopped on stage. Our CEO & team thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere and heart behind the event and plan to attend many more 9 To Thrive events. 

We'd like to thank Emma Isaacs for making a difference in the lives & careers of so many women and reminding us that no matter the dream, there's room for all of us!