Esther Christmas Party

Our annual Esther Christmas was as beautiful as ever!
Themed boho florals with a giant vegan platter and endless rose & champs made it the perfect day!!
Celebrating 14 years with an incredible team, this lunch was extremely special, set up by the one and only Sarah Glover who is the owner and creator of Bondi Bikkies. She's an incredibly talented chef who takes on so many different ventures, there's nothing she can't handle.
Working with every type of cheese, prosciutto, biscuits, cakes and fresh fruit who wouldn't be satisfied?
To top it off, we got to box our leftovers and gift it to the homeless. We each wrote a special note on the lids. This Christmas seek an opportunity to give back, it doesn't have to be much to make a difference in someones life. 
The night ended with dancing, frozen rose's, glitter everywhere, gems and flower crowns. 
Check out behind the scenes below..