Liberty Scarves

Liberty Scarves, a social enterprise of our friends at A21 (abolishing human trafficking in the 21st century) allows you to give the gift of giving back this Mother's Day.
Liberty employs survivors of human trafficking so that they can live a life of independence.  Knitted by hands that are finally experiencing freedom, proceeds from each scarf purchased goes to Liberty's, as well as A21's ongoing efforts to rescue, restore, and rebuild the lives of human trafficking victims. Here's how Liberty Scarves helped one mother get back on her feet and restore a family again.
Kristina was rescued by a non governmental organisation that contacted A21 for help. A21 began assisting Kristina once she returned home to Bulgaria. When they asked Kristina what she wanted, she told the staff at A21 that she desperately wanted, more than anything, to get her children back. While she was being exploited abroad, her children were housed in government orphanages. When she first told A21 this, they secretly thought her dream might never become reality - she didn't have a job, a place to live, proof of where she'd been the last few years, and she was recovering from trauma. Despite this, A21 encouraged Kristina to remain hopeful and follow her dreams as they guided her through immediate recovery and their aftercare program.
Because Kristina is of Roma background, it is very difficult for her to get a job or rent an apartments, due to prejudice against the Roma community. Unable to find a job, Liberty became her next step. Learning the pattern, learning how to interact with our team, with co workers-- learning about standards, and responsibilities, and growing her capacity.  Slowly, she grew in her role and performance. She saved money.  She found a place to live!  Through this journey, there were so many days of ups and downs -- of teary days when she would say in despair that she will never succeed and days when she would beam with a smile and say, "I'm gonna get my children back!"
  It wasn't just money and a place to live that Kristina needed - but she needed to be proud again, to be worthy of her children, for them to see a proud mom. Liberty gave Kristina the support she needed to make her dream come true, and restore her family again.  It's not just about a scarf. It's about transforming lives. 
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