Splendour in the grass

Finish off your splendour look the Kardashian way!
Chokers, Jewelry + Sunglasses are the perfect Accessories to finish off your boho get up. (sunglasses coming soon, register your details on our Arriving Soon page OR go to elroyeyewear.com)

 SO. Are you ready for Splendour in the grass? Kim K + Kendall J are!

Kim wears the Suki Choker looped and low, whilst Kendall wears the Julsy Choker wrapped around once. Each create different looks, what look will you create for splendour? 

Our new Cuffs & low hanging Earrings are the perfect Jewelry for layering, easily creating edgy boho looks.

AND the Sunglasses! These are coming to our Esther store soon, in the meantime you can shop them via elroyeyewear.com. Let's be honest, you don't want to be squinting in all of your splendour photos.. you need a pair!