Spring Cleaning - Spruce Up Your Bedroom With These Essentials!

It can be so hard to keep your room looking nice and pretty in winter, right? Those huge thick blankets you dug out from the depths of your storage cupboard to save you getting frostbite – they’re not exactly the most elegant bedroom accessory. It’s time to draw back those curtains and open up your windows! Spring is just about to make an appearance, so here’s a few ways you can help bring the life back into your bedroom… 


Get Inspired!

Surrounding your room with inspirational quotes is a great way to encourage positive, happy vibes on a daily basis! Wake up feeling motivated with these gorgeous prints by Miss Poppy Designs. Take your pick between funny, cute, or inspiring one-liners to bring colour and life to your walls or bed-side table!
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Essential scents 

Is it just me, or is there nothing better than coming home to a beautiful sweet-smelling bedroom? Whether you’re a ‘coconut and lime’ or ‘strawberries and champagne’ kinda gal, the team at Esther has got you covered! We all know that a scented candle gives your room a symbol of luxuriousness, but they’re also really great for calming the mind and the de-stressing the body. 
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Plush life!

Now we may be getting rid of all the extra blankets and throws from our bed but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be extra cosy at night! Patterned cushions are a fantastic way to freshen up the look of your bed spread, as well as making your head feel like its lying on a cluster of fluffy clouds. We are obsessing over these decorative throw cushions by Ivory and Deene! 
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Hang in there 

You may have to do a bit of shuffling of furniture for this next one, but hey, since we’ve been spring cleaning we should now have loads of room for a…. hammock chair! Can you just imagine how therapeutic falling asleep in one of these would be? Hang it in your bedroom for when you feel like shutting the world out and indulging in a good book, or take it outside and enjoy the peacefulness of Mother Nature. Or both! These hammocks are so versatile and easy to move around, you’d be crazy not to invest in one.
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So there you have it, our four fave simple ways to decorate and beautify your bedroom! 

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