V'day Wins & Fails

Happy Valentine's Day Ladies!
Our staff have decided to share their Valentines Wins & Fails, some are inspiring love stories whilst others are thankfully in the past!
Keep reading to find out what unbelievable stories the girls have to tell..


"My boyfriend surprised me before Valentines Day this year, with a bunch of pink roses (my favourite) and the LARGEST box of chocolates, it was such a special moment! #boyfriendgoals"
- Mia, Studio Manager 

"One Valentine's Day my boyfriend (at the time) took me to dinner on the beach. After a beautiful dinner it was time to exchange gifts with each other, he handed me a pair of pink socks with hearts on them... and he was serious about it. I just smiled and  awkwardly said 'um thank you'... haha."
- Travis, Marketing Coordinator 

"My high school boyfriend created a path of paper hearts that I had to follow, starting from my front door which led to a car full of balloons (insert awww!!), anyway dad got to it before I did and hosed them all away, I came outside to find a mush of pink paper piled up on the driveway, lol!"

- Melina, Graphic Designer


"When I was 14, a guy from my high school gave me a red rose with a REAL pearl in it. He did it in front of everyone and then invited me out for a meal! I just said 'I need to think about it.' I never ended up going with him, but 10 years later we ran into each other and dated for a bit, i've never received another gift like it!"
- Alessandra, Eccommerce Manager


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