Woman (Dog) of the Month: Poppi!

Here at Esther & Co., we are celebrating the turn of a new page in the Lunar calendar year! So, it’s only appropriate that in light of celebrating the Year of the Dog, this year’s Chinese Zodiac, to feature none other than Poppi - our CEO Talita Estelle’s adorable blue fawn French bulldog!

With a new bundle of joy in our midst, there is not one dull day at Esther & Co. HQ with Poppi around! Even though our darling doggo may be small in size, she generates an abundant energetic presence, making sure to bring a smile to everyone's face!

Here are a few stats about our newest team member.

Name: Poppi White

Breed: Blue Fawn French Bulldog

Favourite toy: Piggy

Favourite person: Mum

Favourite food: Muttloaf - handmade food from The Petfood Kitchen Bondi

Favourite activity: Playing with her brother @bobbithefrenchbulldog and napping.

Poppi is already known for her sassy nature and bravery. There are, however, times when she needs her older brother Bobbi to protect her when she gets into situations way beyond her capacity (the two are yet to figure out how to escape from their pen- but they're working tirelessly to make it happen).

With everyone immediately falling in love with her at first sight, Poppi truly deserves her position on the puppy throne as our woman (dog) of the month!

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