The Esther Marketplace is another sales channel to help supplement the revenue from your current website. You’ll be able to sell your products seamlessly on the Esther Marketplace with a hassle free one-time integration of your websites product feed and images.


When one of your products is purchased via the Marketplace, our specialised third party platform will update your stock levels in real time whilst simultaneously sending an order through to your system for you to pack per your usual process


We charge a small commision fee per sale of your product. As there is no additional monthly fee and only commission on purchases, there is no risk involved in joining the Esther Marketplace!


By joining the Esther Marketplace you will give your products the best chance to be seen and purchased. Reap the benefits of exposure to over 260,000 sessions each month and our database of 200,000. Reach Esther & Co’s active audience with weekly promotion through targeted emails, our social media channels, and our Marketplace store directory - all free of charge!


The Esther Marketplace has enabled our business to grow at an amazing rate. We are reaching a customer base that we would never otherwise have access to. The support and guidance we have received from the Esther team has been supportive, efficient and business- driven. We have zero regrets with joining the Esther Marketplace!

Natasha, CEO Notebook Intimates

Since joining the Esther & Co. Marketplace, our sales have increased by 40% and units sold by an extra 200 a month; it has been incredible! As promised, Esther’s marketing team has also done an amazing job showcasing us in newsletters & social media to create awareness for our brand.

Kendal, CEO El Roy