Size Guide: Sleeping with the Enemy

Classic Range Tops
Size Length Chest Waist Hem
Small 67cm 103cm 98cm 105cm
Medium 70cm 108cm 103cm 110.5cm
Large 72cm 113cm 108cm 115.5cm
 X-Large 75cm 118cm 113cm 126cm
XX-Large 77.5cm 123cm 118cm



Classic and Intimates Range Bottoms

Size Length (Pants) Length (Shorts) Thighs (Shorts) Waist Hips
Small 100cm 23cm 67cm 71cm 108cm
Medium 102cm 23.5cm 70cm 76cm 113cm
Large 104cm 24cm 72cm 81cm 118cm
 X-Large 106cm 25cm 75cm 86cm 123cm
XX-Large 108cm 26cm 77.5cm




Intimates Range Nighty

Size Length  Chest Hips
Small 58cm 91cm 64cm
Medium 61cm 97cm 114cm
Large 64cm 102cm



Intimates Range Cami

Size Length  Chest Waist
Small 48cm 91cm 105cm
Medium 51cm 97cm 110cm
Large 53cm 102cm



Intimates Range Long Robe

Size Length  Shoulder Waist Hips
Small-Medium 154cm 72cm 63cm 83cm
Medium-Large 157cm 74cm 65cm 86cm


Intimates Range Mid-Length Robe

Size Length  Shoulder Hips
Small-Medium 85cm 72cm 127cm
Medium-Large 88cm 74cm 132cm