sienna miller, a bohemian natural at fashion

Sienna Miller has been known for her distinct fashion taste and effortless bohemian style since the beginning of her career. A fan of vintage sweater and boho dresses, Miller said that she has a “bohemian” and “laid back” personality that emerges in her fashion choices.

However, today the mother-of-one says she is more aware of tailoring but still “inherently bohemian”. While she recently told French newspaper Le Figaro that motherhood means she no longer has much time for fashion, Miller is still considered a fashion-forward icon and many look to her style choices for inspiration.


Miller believes that a person’s style reflects the different stages in their life, and lists her mother as one of her inspirations for fashion. She revealed that her mother had a glamorous 80s style that she admires.

Miller, mother to a daughter named Marlowe with actor Tom Sturridge, suggested that being stylish is really about being comfortable in your own skin. It is also important, she adds, to know what suits your style and personality.