return of the maxi dress

After virtually disappearing in the 80s, the Maxi dress has made a strong comeback to the fashion world. The Maxi was created in the 60s and was a designer favourite during the 70s.

It fell briefly from fashion consciousness during the 80s, and re-emerged in 2009. Since then, it has remained popular, with new patterns, designs, and colours coming through each summer.


There are different opinions on why the Maxi dress keeps returning. The casual, elongated silhouette is both versatile and comfortable, and the basic style allows for a large degree of customisation and variety. Indeed, this summer, retailers are offering the Maxi in a range of vibrant colours and striking patterns.

According to fashion expert Molly Adams, the Maxi has had lasting appeal because it offers a “different spin” on a dress for the daytime.

The Maxi dress may also have an advantage in that it complements those who are tall. Maxi dresses are often affordably priced, and they can be tailored for maternity wear.