a guide to looking gorgeous

With new micro trends emerging in fashion every week, it can be confusing for those who do not have a strong background in fashion. Fail safe rules such as use of colour, experimenting with brands, and adding novel accessories can all guide the wearer to look fabulous without too much confusion.

One rule is to use colour, such as a colourful bag or belt, to brighten up an outfit. Monochrome colours such as black or khaki make an excellent basis to an ensemble, but mixing textures such as leather and boucle can add more interest.


Mixing up high street or mainstream retail with designer brands is another way to add more variety to an outfit. Don’t underestimate the impact of footwear choices such as matching boots with dresses in summer.

Basics such as leather jackets can make easy and functional additions to an outfit, particularly when the weather is cold. Simple additions such as jewelry and classic handbags are another way to keep an outfit interesting.