tips to dress right for the office

It can be tempting to switch to a more casual style at the office as the warm season arrives, but it is important to keep to a formal, professional style in most workplaces. This means avoiding what is known as the “four Bs”, reviewing the length of one’s skirt and neckline, and observing the workplace dress code.

The four Bs refer to bar wear, boudoir wear, barbell or gym outfits, and beach attire. These should always be avoided at the workplace, and they include your choice of footwear.


Skirts should not be too short; a general rule is one to two inches above the knee. Men working in offices should generally avoid wearing shorts. Bra straps should be well concealed, and necklines should be no more than three to four inches from the stoma area.

Dressing in a classic, professional style allows some room for colour and flair. Adding one or two novel elements such as a flash of colour or bold print is a way for office workers to make an outfit interesting without breaking the office dress code.