four bike friendly looks for when you’re out and about

Bike riding is a popular and enjoyable activity in summer. However, it can be a challenge for women to dress suitably for mobility and still look stylish.

Lightweight rompers or rompers are back in style. They have the practical benefit of allowing bike riders to cool off in the heat, and the wearer doesn’t need to be concerned about accidental exposure when riding. Flats or wedges go well with rompers.


Floral dresses are another excellent option for biking ladies during the summer. Summery, floral fabrics brighten the look of an outfit and go well with the activity. Flat shoes and a casual bag such as a tote can be used to complete the outfit.

For an evening biking to meet friends or for a casual night out, match a leather jacket with sneakers and a metallic-patterned t-shirt. When biking on a date or biking to a more formal occasion, round off a date outfit with colourful, dressy sneakers for functionality and style.