exceptions to the rule: the return of outdated fashions

Fashions come and go. With many formally outdated trends back in style, it is useful to review some of the new trends that are once again in vogue.

One of the most obvious trends that are back in style is the kitten heel. In the last year Valentino has seen its patent, pointed, studded kitten heels outsell many of its other products. These heels complement feminine outfits and accessories that incorporate some leather or metallic elements.


White stilettos are another formerly shunned trend that is back in style. Similarly, luxurious leather backpacks such as The Row’s alligator skin backpack are making a strong comeback.

It is no longer passé to show the midriff, a ‘90s look that has returned to the catwalks. However, the look today does not involve jeans and cut-off tees. The latest midriff look is well tailored, modern, and chic.

Double denim is another outdated trend that has made a strong comeback on the catwalks. The latest variation is to pair light-coloured denim with denim in darker shades and incorporate different textures into the look.