work your winter knit with these tips

Winter knits make a stylish and versatile addition to the wardrobe. There are different ways to make knits stand out in an outfit.

Wearers with long hair can feature the knit by tying back their locks or tucking long hair into the neck of a turtleneck sweater or skivvy knit. A stylish idea for wearing a black knit is to complement it with a loose fitting shirt, white jeans, and black heels.


Knits are frequently paired with shirts for a college-style look. Adding a motorcycle jacket finishes the outfit and gives it an extra edge. Loose-fitting knits are favourites, but they can look relatively shapeless. Folding sleeves back and tucking edges into pants or jeans can give a large knit more shape.

For a change of style, mix a geometric or bright-coloured knit with a print skirt, jeans, or pants. Knits such as skivvies and turtlenecks go well when worn under a sleeveless dress.