So we are all probably feeling it right now, that sense of boredom. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to cure boredom from the comfort of your own home! Here are some of the ways that we are staying busy during social isolation.
Make A Vision Board 
Is there anything more aesthetically pleasing than a vision board? Creating your own is fun, easy and a great way to cure boredom. Whether it be a fashion board, travel board, home decor inspo board or just a general mood board, there are so many options and it’s entirely up to you. ‘Pinterest’ or ‘We Heart It’ are both fantastic apps you can use to save photos and create a virtual vision board or if you prefer to print and paste that's equally as effective.  
Try Out A Homemade Face Mask
We all love a good pamper session right? Well if you don’t have any pre-made face masks at home then there are plenty of homemade face masks that you can give a go! The best part is, you can use ingredients that you most likely have sitting in your pantry. Natural products are great for your skin, so do some research to see what suits you.
Spring Clean
I'm assuming you have all heard of the term ‘Spring Clean’ well now is the perfect time for one. Time to finally get around to giving your home the TLC it deserves and "I don't have time" is no excuse! Whether it be your wardrobe, the pantry or even the laundry, nothing feels as satisfying as a clean space. 
Learn A New Language 
Is learning a new language on your to-do list? Well now is the time to get started, and let me tell you it’s amazing what you can find on YouTube! French, Greek, Spanish, Japanese and many more language beginner clips to choose from, just take your pick. Why not give it a go? Even if you learn a few sentences, it’s a great to keep your mind active.  
Re-Watch Your Fave Films
There is something so special in cuddling up on the couch with a box of popcorn and watching your favourite movie. Nothing will help you unwind like re-watching some of your fave films. So make a list, create a cosy oasis and let the marathon begin.
Do Some Gardening
Nothing beats immersing yourself in nature! Even if it’s just on your balcony, spending some time outside in the fresh air is a great cure for boredom (and a nice change of scenery!) Rearrange some plants, do some weeding or even just re-pot  some succulents for a cute Insta post. These are great ways to keep your mind and soul healthy whilst also curing boredom.