Your ULTIMATE Guide to Splendour in the Grass 2018

The best part of an Australian Winter? Splendour in the Grass of course! This iconic festival has been an Aussie favourite for 17 years now, housing some of the world's most incredible acts year after year. If you're one of the lucky 30,000 people heading to Byron Bay for the ultimate party this year, then we've got you covered for EVERYTHING you'll need to have the best time ever, and how to look 10/10 while doing so. Consider this your last minute checklist!

Festival Essentials 

Camping at Splendour in the Grass is definitely something to add to the bucket list, as it's an amazing way to experience EVERYTHING the festival has to offer. Yet times get tough when the best time to shower is 5am and the line is still 70 people long! Here are a few must-haves for surviving the weekend:
- Gumboots
- Rain poncho
- Extra blankets & sleeping bags
- Makeup wipes (don't fall asleep with glitter on your face!)
- Body wipes (because let's be real, showers will not be a daily occurrance)
- Lots of moisteriser
- Extra pegs for your tent
- Thongs/slip on shoes
- Trackies!
- Snacks snacks snacks! (the food onsite is delicious but limited)
- Car charger (pro tip: charge your phone & do your makeup from your car each morning)
- Bags for collecting rubbish
As fun as it is to dance all night and have the festival right on your doorstep, heading back to a warm bed and a shower is a total luxury! For those of you heading in for 1 day or commuting back to an apartment or hotel each day, here are a few things to tick off your checklist before the weekend begins:
- Portable phone charger
- Jacket (you won't regret it when waiting in the long line for your bus home!)
- Sunglasses / hat
- Water for the bus home (it's a bumpy ride)
- If you want to pack more warm clothes or a raincoat, you can leave your bag in a bag collection and pick it up it at the end of the day!

What to Wear 

Splendour is known for its incredible fashion, and sets the trends for the upcoming Summer. If you're stuck on outfits, if you're stressing about your look and packing your entire wardrobe into your suitcase, here are a few guaranteed winners to base your outfits on!
Bright & Bold
When it comes to Splendour, the brighter the better! Each year has a fashion theme, however not a lot of people stick to it. Own a loud clothing item that you've always wanted to wear but never been confident enough? Now is your time! Rainbow, glittery, fluorescent or sequinned - go bold. If you're struggling to go all out, floral is a total safe bet at Splendour. A flowing floral maxi or wrap dress will be ideal!
Seraphina Dress
Kendra Dress
Bez Top


Cosy Up
As important as it is to look totally bomb all festival long, the reality is that it gets super cold come 5pm! When the sun goes down, make sure to be ready to layer up with a warm coat or jacket. Go for something on trend like a teddy coat or a bright cardigan to complete your look.
Big Magic Coat
Annandale Cardigan



When it comes to any festival, it's all about the accessories to complete your OTT look. Splendour goers love to add extra touches to their outfits for the ultimate Insta-ready look - here are a few must-haves!
The Perfect Hat
Hats are always important when spending all day soaking up the sun in the mosh pit. Luckily, there's always a hat trend to follow so that you can complete your look & stay sun safe! This year, you can expect to see a lot of baker boy caps.
Imogen Cap
If you want a more practical option, you can't go wrong with a wide brim fedora - a festival classic!
Tammy Fedora
Enclosed shoes are a given for Splendour, where dirt and mud are guaranteed to make an appearance. When the gumboots aren't needed, a simple pair of brown or black boots look cute with literally any outfit! Especially floral dresses and denim shorts.
Jaida Ankle Boots


  It's all about the bling, bling, bling! Whether it be a body chain, chunky rings, or the perfect choker - Splendour is the time where you can truly let your inner goddess shine. 
Frankly My Dear - Sienna Necklace
Frankly My Dear - Carlene Earrings
Frankly My Dear - Mia Necklace


Final Hot Tips

- Make sure to take advantage of the daily bus runs into Byron Bay, arrive a day early and make a day of it!
- Always make sure to have a little boogie at the Teepee Forest.
- Opt for the food lines that aren't as long - Splendour offers so many amazing cuisines!
- Similarly, Splendour is home to so many amazing art and culture activities, if you have time between sets be sure to get involved.
- Download the Splendour app to create your very own timetable and plan each day.
- Clean up your rubbish and try not to leave any items at the campsite! The wonderful volunteers spend days and days cleaning after the festival to ensure the grounds aren't too damaged. 
Have fun party people!