If you’ve followed our journey, you’d be well aware that giving back is something which has always been ingrained in the Esther & Co. brand. Our previous partnership with i=Change,  allowed Esther & Co. to seamlessly donate $1 per sale back to charity. Throughout our partnership we donated $150,000+

This phenomenal amount has been donated to amazing organisations including Child Wise, ADARA Group and the MAE TAO Clinic.

This year we’ve continued on our journey of giving back by participating in fundraising events. This includes an upcoming PROJECT FUTURES event which is predicted to raise $20,000 to support the recovery of Human Trafficking victims.

In addition to fundraising events, our pup-loving brand works to prevent animal cruelty in Bali. We partnered with a clinic in Bali to ensure animals received the medical attention they needed. CEO Talita Estelle’s love for dogs allowed countless innocent, Balinese Dogs to attend Pup-Rehab!

It goes without saying, Esther & Co. is committed to giving back to our local & international community. Influencing global social change is at the forefront of what we stand for as a brand and is something we will undoubtedly continue to chase in future.

That said, we are always on the hunt for upcoming charitable projects that will get our hands dirty (in the best possible way!). We are currently looking for new ways to continue on our quest to embed philanthropic initiatives into our daily operations.

Who better to ask for philanthropic advice than the Esther-lites themselves? We want to hear from YOU! We welcome any ideas or upcoming opportunities that will enable us to give back on an even bigger scale. We would love for all potential suggestions to be sent to: Watch this space… 

xx The Esther & Co. Team