Your Go-To Guide to Self Isolation

Ladies, we know that Coronavirus has made this time a little unsettling for all of us. Looking for a silver lining? Self isolation means SO much extra time on your hands! Not sure how to spend it all? Here’s a list of activities you can do from comfort of your home.

Online Shopping
It’s an add to cart (from home) kind of time. It's business as usual at Esther & Co., and with everything going on we all know nothing brightens our mood more than a dose of retail therapy. Whether you’re wanting to share the love with a gift card for your nearest and dearest or treat yourself with a fresh ‘fit, now is the perfect time to have a browse of our latest. 
Pamper Session
Ladies, it is SO important that you take the time to zen out for your own sanity during this crazy period! As far as we’re concerned, the best way to combat stress is (and always has been) with a glass of bubbles, a scented candle and essential oils. Didn’t have time to #panicbuy a face mask? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You can easily make a DIY mask with some pantry staples. Our go-to is an easy 2 ingredient mix, featuring half an avocado and a tbs of honey. So easy and so effective!
Netflix & Chill
Binge watching never felt so good! Now's the time to catch up on the series everyone in the office has been talking about, guilt-free! Here’s some of our current faves. We can't get enough of The Stranger and Love is Blind at the moment!

Get your chef on
Speaking of Netflix, nothing triggers the Uber Eats nerve more than a series binge sesh. FIGHT THE URGE! Why not make the most of the free time on your hands and actually give cooking a go (for once). Don’t be shy, get those creative juices flowing and experiment with a new recipe.
At-Home workout
No excuses ladies, this is the perfect time to whip out the Yoga mat and kick that body into shape from the comfort of your own home. No idea where to start? There are SO many free at-home workouts available for you to follow at your fingertips on the gram. Some of our fave fitness pages and bloggers at the moment include Keep It Cleaner, Georgie Stevenson and Kayla Itsines.
Facetime Family Members
Last but not least, being in self isolation doesn’t mean you need to stay disconnected! Be sure to regularly check in with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours - not just for your own benefit, but you never know who might be in need of a friendly ear during this time. Replace your weekly coffee catch-ups with the gals with an at-home Nespresso over Facetime and you’ve got yourself a DIY cafe date!
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